Top tips when embarking on a new website design

Below are a few of our top tips for when you are embarking on a new website design.

  • Understand your Competitors – Do a bit of market research, look at your competitors websites and what they are offering and how they are offering this. What do you like? What don’t you like? Remember that you are a potential customer too so how do you perceive your competitors website as a buyer?
  • Understand your target audience – Who is your target audience, is it your existing clients or customer base / is there a new customer or client base out there that you want to target. What is the best way to target these and how are they targeted by your competitors?
  • Understand your Positioning – How are you perceived by your staff, your customers / clients, your competitors? How do you want to be perceived?  Are you a high end brand? Are you a cost effective solution? It’s no use pitching a premium service if you are not offering this and similarly there is no use pitching low value products or services with an unrealistic cost.
  • Keyword Planning – Keywords need to be built into the fabric of your website and not just your Search Engine Optimisation SEO so before starting on your website, decide what Keywords that you are likely to be searched under and note these down.
  • Functionality – What do you want your website to do, how do you want it to perform? Ecommerce, Bookings, Social, Feedback, etc…There is so much functionality that can be added into your site it is important to understand what you do and don’t want it to do.
  • Content – Use all of the above information to shape your content.  You have an in depth knowledge of your products / services and it is important to develop content for your site that all of your potential clients and customers understand so try not to make content too heavy or technical unless you need to.

These are just a few tips that we consider important before beginning to develop and design a new website and website content.  Please take a look at our Website Design and Development section if your are interested in website design and development.  We offer flexible payment options and a complete design and development service including content development, Social Set-Up and Search Engine Optimisation