Sub-Contractor Vetting & Approval

Verify that your Supply Chain meets both your and your clients requirements
Sub-Contractor Vetting & Approval - Verify & Approve your supply chain

As your business grows and you begin to take on larger contracts you often find that there is more importance placed from your clients on approving your own supply chain and more comfort from your own viewpoint by knowing that your supply chain is working in line with your own standards and requirement.

Functio can set the supplier approval forms up and distribute them to your supply chain to ensure they are fully vetted.  On receipt of each questionnaire / form from your supply chain we will review this, request any additional information required and once they meet your requirements place them onto to your approved supplier list.  We will maintain your approved supplier list and notify you as and when each sub-contractor is approved.

We will also monitor this on an ongoing basis to get updated documentation when certification, policies and accreditation’s go out of date for each sub-contractor and update your approved supplier list accordingly.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss Sub-Contractor Vetting / Approval further.

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