Social Media Management

Increase your brand awareness and traffic to your website
Social Media Management - Promote your business and brand

Functio provides a full social media management service increasing your businesses brand awareness and social media presence.

  • Preparation of a Social Media Strategy with goals set for each platform used
  • A Social Content Calendar is created breaking down the materials to be posted
  • Engaging Social Media Banners are created and profiles created
  • Engaging posts are created and posted across the social media platforms of your choice ranging from relevant articles and news items to links to your own website and marketing materials.
  • Monthly Social reporting is provided

Social Media is an exceptional way of gaining new customers as well as keeping in touch with existing customers to ensure your business is well positioned, your brand is recognised and your message is heard and understood.

At Functio we liaise with our customers to develop a social media strategy to determine which social media platforms you should use and what the goal should be for each platform.  There are a large number of social media platforms available now and it is important to ensure the correct social media platform is chosen for the correct task whether it be raising awareness of your business, disseminating thought leadership articles to build credibility, building followers / connections, sending out campaigns and offers to your customers, driving traffic to your website or just to sell your product or service.  Success can be measured in many different ways depending on these goals and it is important to adjust the strategy in line with the success rates.  At Functio we analyse the baseline data and set up tools to measure performance such as in app insights and analysis and setting tags to analyse how traffic is driven to your website through Google Analytics which provides insights into what performs well.

Please review our packages below or contact us for further details.

Social Media Packages

  • Get StartedSocial Set-Up

  • Creative Banners
  • Engaging Text
  • Set-Up and Optimised
  • £15.00/Platform
  • Subscribe Now
  • Raise Brand AwarenessSocial

  • 3 Posts per Week per Platform
  • 3 Social Platforms
  • Monthly Reporting
  • £30.00 per Additional Platform
  • £90.00/Month
  • Subscribe Now
  • Most PopularSocial +

  • 2 Posts per Day per Platform
  • 3 Social Platforms
  • 5 Days a Week
  • Monthly Reporting
  • £50.00 per Additional Platform
  • £180.00/Month
  • Subscribe Now

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