Project Specific Design

Make your business stand out
Project Specific Design - Make your business stand out

At Functio we work with our clients to produce creative and engaging project specific design.

All too often as business owners our focus is on marketing literature to raise awareness of what we do for those that have not heard of us and we do not focus on marketing for existing companies or for those that already know about us and we are bidding for work with.

Project Specific Design covers a range of elements from showcasing works you have completed through testimonials, case studies and portfolio items through to strongly branded bid documentation so your business stands out from the rest when it lands on a clients desk.

When we are talking about Project Specific Design we are referring to the following items:-

  • Case Studies and Portfolio Projects
  • Testimonials
  • Bid and Tender Documents
  • Company Documentation and Forms
  • Site and Project Folders and Documentation
  • Specific Client / Sector Targeted Marketing Literature / Packs

We work with our clients to ensure these documents are both creative and engaging whilst containing strong content which will be heard and understood.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss project specific design further.

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