Marketing Plan / Strategy

Plan and strategise your businesses marketing activities to make the most of your marketing budget
Marketing Plan / Strategy - strategise your activities and maximise budget

If you are able to assign a marketing budget then a marketing plan / strategy is an essential document to help plan how you will best use your marketing budget to gain the maximum impact and help achieve your goals.

We work with you to establish a marketing plan / strategy which documents

  1. A full review of the market and sectors in which you are working within and those that you would like to work in
  2. A competitor analysis
  3. Developing strategies for routes to markets and assessing barriers to entry.
  4. The marketing activities to be undertaken including how to raise brand awareness, how to approach markets and clients, the documentation required and all associated items.
  5. Your businesses goals and targets of marketing activities
  6. Estimated spend / budgetary requirements
  7. Personnel requirements
  8. Estimated return on investment
  9. Schedule of Activities

Positioning Strategies can also be developed for how your business can position itself and establish brand recognition and a good customer perception.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a marketing plan / strategy further.

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