Logo Design and Development

We design logo’s that represent your brand, your message and your positioning
Logo Design & Development - A visual representation of your business

At Functio we understand that a logo isn’t just an emblem that sits by your company name but a visual representation of your brand and your business. Your logo appears on every piece of correspondence that your business sends out and is often the most recognisable aspect of your business.

For this reason when we begin to design a logo we ensure we understand your business, your businesses purpose and how you want your business to be perceived (positioning). We first discuss your logo with you to see if you have any outline concepts in mind.  We prepare a suite of logo designs based on our understanding of your business, your message and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace and present these to you for review. Once we have the general logo style established it is further refined until we have a completed logo for your business. This logo is then provided to you in JPEG, PNG and Vector and any other format required.

If you have an existing logo that you would like to be updated then we can take your existing logo and update this in line with your requirements.  If you don’t have your existing logo in a vector format then we re-draw this for you as part of the project.

Please contact us if you would like to your businesses logo design and development.

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