Business Re-Structuring

Understanding your business and making positive changes
Business Re-Structuring - Understanding your business & making changes

At Functio we are able to offer a full review of your businesses performance and structure and manage change within your organisation to achieve the correct structure establishing the right people in the right places.

Business Performance Review

We will undertake a full consultation and in depth review of the business drilling down into multiple elements to determine the root cause of unexpected / poor performance or to establish how performance can be improved.  A full report will be produced detailing our findings and an action plan for implementation of recommended changes


Following a full performance review, we will establish a tiered approach using platforms to establish how change can be implemented to achieve previous performance or enhanced performance depending on the full business requirements.  These platforms are established against defined timelines that each need to be achieved to recognise the overall performance change.

Business Structure

A review of the overall structure of the business including personnel interviews to determine whether the right people are in the business and whether these people are in the right places.  Development of a revised business structure, revised job descriptions in line with the structure and implementation of this to ensure its success.

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