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Creative and Engaging Designs with Clear Call to Actions
Project Specific Design - Make your business stand out

At Functio we are passionate about preparing creative and engaging brochure’s, adverts and leaflets which showcase your business. Before embarking on producing any of these pieces of marketing literature it is important to understand: –

  • The purpose of the document to be produced whether it be a brochure to showcase your businesses products or services, an advert to advertise your business or a leaflet to advertise a particular product, service or event.
  • The goal of the document in order to ensure the correct content and imagery is included and so that the effectiveness of the information can be measured.

We are able to produce a range of designed materials for both email and online distribution and for printed distribution. For digital documents for distribution through email, online and social we produce interactive PDF produce print ready documents and where required are able to print brochures and leaflets at affordable prices.

We not only produce the design but are also happy to produce the content for you to ensure your message is seen, heard and understood.

Whether you need a brochure to showcase your products and services, an advert for a digital or printed magazine or a leaflet for postal or social distribution contact us at Functio for a creative and engaging design and clear content

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