Brand Development

Develop a strong brand presence
Brand Development - Develop a strong brand presence

Functio works with our customers to ensure the performance of your brand. Brand development is a fusion of both the look and the feel of your business and how its positioned within the marketplace. Whether you are at the start of your brand development journey or you have a part or fully implemented brand, Functio will work with you to develop your brand and ensure your business is positioned correctly.

At Functio we assess your current brand, how you are positioned in the marketplace and how your brand has penetrated the marketplace by undertaking research and gaining feedback. This is then compared against how you would like your brand to be represented and how you believe you are positioned in order to develop a brand development strategy that includes the necessary steps for your brand to be both engaging and help to support you achieve your ongoing goals for the business.

There are a large volume of different activities that can be undertaken to achieve this and these need to be tailored to each individual customers requirements.

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What affects your brand?

Your brand and your positioning in the marketplace can be affected by a number of different factors including but not limited to

Online presence

Your online presence such as your Website, Social Media, Online Reviews affect how you are perceived

Printed Presence

The literature, adverts, editorial and any other printed material affect how you are perceived.


How you and your employees behave and communicate with each other, clients, customers and the public affects how you are perceived.


Your Image such as your Logo, Brand Consistency, Workwear, Company Vehicles, etc…all contribute to how you are percieved.

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