Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for JEM Demolition

We completed a Pre-Qualification Information and Questionnaire to ensure JEM Demolition qualified for the contract

Questionnaire Completion

Strong Brand Recognition

Health and Safety

JEM Demolition like many businesses are busy meeting their client requirements and doing everything in line with best practice and legislation but have little time to showcase and describe how they undertake their works.

Functio have undertaken a number of commissions for JEM Demolition completing Pre-Qualification and Pre-Selection Questionnaires to ensure they qualify for contracts and on Companies approved lists.

In order to undertake this role Functio gained copies of all of their health and safety and training information and structured this so it was clearer and easier to document.  Now when a Questionnaire comes through Functio complete the required information so JEM can contain to undertake their works without concerns over getting this documentation completed on time.

JEM Demolition is a demolition company based in London