About Functio - Supporting Start-Ups, Small & Medium Businesses

Functio was established in 2014 with the aim of utilising the skills and experiences gained working within large businesses and organisations to support the set-up, performance and growth of start-up businesses, small and medium businesses (often referred to as SME’s)

The word functio [funk-che-oh] is a latin word meaning ‘to perform’ and our focus at Functio is the performance, growth and set-up of our customers businesses.

At Functio we use a blend of traditional and modern methods to ensure we support your business in the best way for your business.  We offer a range of services which can be individually commissioned or as a package of services.  Services are as follows:-

  • Accreditation Management – ISO Accreditation and IMS; Company Accreditation’s
  • Business Consulting – Business Strategies, Business Plans and Budgets; Start-Up Support; Business Re-Structuring; Business Growth; Business Development and Business Support
  • Branding and Marketing – Brand Development; Marketing Plans and Strategies; Logo Design & Development; Brochure, Leaflet and Advert Design; Project Specific Design; Campaigns and Offers
  • Digital Marketing and Website Design – Social Media Management; Website Design and Development; Digital Growth Strategy, Online and Paid Advertising; Search Engine Optimisation
  • Contract and Supplier Pre-Qualification – Tender & Bid Writing; Supplier Approval Questionnaires and PQQ’s; Subcontractor Vetting and Approval
  • Training – Bespoke Training, Coaching and Mentoring built around your exact requirements

At Functio we provide a single point where you can put the platforms in place to set up, run or grow your business with flexible payment options to support the cash flow of your business.

So if you are thinking of starting a business or have a small or medium business already and would like to discuss how to set up, run or grow your business then please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange to meet with us to discuss your business and where you need additional support.  All initial consultations are free and obligation free.

About Functio - Supporting Start-Ups, Small & Medium Businesses

Why Us?

We strive to leave a lasting positive impression on your business, creating platforms for future growth and giving you the confidence for your business to perform
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